Simple tip for reader friendly website content

Every year, the percentage of consumers searching online to find information on products or services before purchasing increases. In 2011, it was upwards of 85% depending on the type of industry being searched. When a visitor lands on your website they need to be able to easily find the content they want.

A bold, clear headline

When writing website content you need to be aware that you generally need to provide shorter bites of information. It is recommended to limit each paragraph to four or five lines of text, or a word count of around 50 words. More than that and you risk making your page hard to read and losing the reader.

What is the ideal page length? That depends on the purpose of the website and what you are selling. On sites such as this where we provide detailed information about our services it is acceptable to have long pages.

On other websites it may be preferable to keep all important information above the fold and reduce the need to scroll down the page to a minimum. The more complex the product or service the more you need to describe it, so there is no hard and fast rule here.

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