Ad words

I don’ understand it. I have friends who owns companies as soon as they become successful they want invest more into tangible items, land, property (which is not a problem). The craze nowadays is adwords.

What is adwords?

When people go to Google, they’re looking for something specific. That means they have intent. They’re actively looking for something to buy. They’re literally telling you what they want to buy by typing out words around your products and services.

In short, ad words are words and phrases added to Google Ad words tool, so that when people search for certain words, your website or services display.

For example: Of all the adwords, I have purchased ‘website design hamilton’ as I am based in Hamilton.



Break down of costing:

$100 per month (this is paid to Google for adwords)

$30 per month our adwords management fees.

Build me a website now adwords services:

  • We research the adwords mostly used by Google searches based on your niche

  • We find phrases that attract the most visitors

  • We monitor the change month by month

  • Produce a report upon request for visitor numbers, conversions etc