Setup affiliate marketing with 4 easy steps

Affiliate Marketing Made Easy: 4 simple steps Ever since the 4-day work-week, everyone (including me) seems to have the same goal. Wake up next morning with notification from Paypal, or bank that money has been deposited into our account. But we know this is not easy, however with 4 proven strategy below, I’m sure it…
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create a wordpress blog - build me a website now

How to create a WordPress blog

So you want to create a WordPress blog Congratulations! WordPress is an excellent solution for how to start a blog, plus we think blogs are super awesome! Better yet – it’s also surprisingly simple to create a WordPress blog. That’s why we say you can do it in under 15 minutes. But as simple as…
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build me a website now - awesome products

How to make Google love your new WordPress website

To be of any benefit your website needs visitors. Plain and simple. The majority of websites operated by small to medium size businesses rely heavily on receiving traffic from Google. Obviously, competition is fierce to be found in the top results, where great SEO is crucial for success. For the search engine giant to even…
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build me a website now newsletter

Website usability is very important

A new cutting-edge website marks a milestone in a company’s development, especially when it’s based on deep content and solid SEO considerations. But even if the site looks eye-catching, when your analytics tell you that people aren’t exploring your site beyond the homepage, it’s time to question your website usability. Here are ways to make…
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Simple tip for reader friendly website content

Every year, the percentage of consumers searching online to find information on products or services before purchasing increases. In 2011, it was upwards of 85% depending on the type of industry being searched. When a visitor lands on your website they need to be able to easily find the content they want. A bold, clear…
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Buildmeawebsitenow website design

Web design that deliver results

This is my first blog on here. I want to explore the idea that after website is done, that is only half or more like 25% of the challenge. Now the fun part comes in. How do I attract more customers to my website. To be effective, a website cannot simply be a product of…
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