Logo Design

How easy logo design is.

If you want your business to succeed, you’ll need to pay close attention to your brand strategy. No matter what size your business is, branding creates trust. A strong brand creates instant recognition in the marketplace, especially amongst your customers. The bigger you build your brand, the easier it is to create better opportunities for your business.

Getting your brand logo professionally designed can be expensive. Look at 99Designs research. They found that a professionally-designed logo can cost you anywhere from $100 up to $2500+, with the quality varying depending on the actual cost.

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Brand design

Professional brand design for customers here in NZ and on worldwide scale. Either send us photo of give us few words to describe your idea and will send you draft design until you're happy with final product.

Buildmeawebsitenow logo

Logo Design

Professional logo design with unbeaten service. Either send us few photos or give us a few words and will design logo and send you. Happy to do a few drafts until you're satisfied with final product.

Buildmeawebsitenow business cards

Business Cards

Will provide design for business cards, either will add the logo and/or brand to design.

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Difference between logo and brand

Brand is the word or phrase 'usually that identifies the business and the logo is the image. For example 'Facebook' is the brand, and letter 'F' with blue background and white design is logo.