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This is my first blog on here. I want to explore the idea that after website is done, that is only half or more like 25% of the challenge. Now the fun part comes in. How do I attract more customers to my website.

To be effective, a website cannot simply be a product of sharp graphic design. It must have a strategy – whether it’s to sell a product or service, serve as a customer service site or to educate the market. Your web design must accurately present your defining marketing message, differentiate you from your competitors and reflect your brand identity. For example buildmeawebsitenow has a brand and we are very proud and protective of that brand.

How can I get more customers is the question I always get. Here are some of the techniques we implement at buildmeawebsitenow.

1) Be visible on Google. This is the technique where we add your business and/or websites to Google Maps and Google search. Over time the website page rankings will increase and in turn deliver more results to customers.

2) Email marketing. This is strategy we use to capture users while they are browsing our website. By subscribing and giving us their email, we provide them with free gifts.

3) Social media: This is powerful tool, I have talked more about this here.

I’m excited to start this journey with you.



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